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Davide Cirillo

PostDoc Nazaré Group

 +49 30 94793 583


Davide got his MSc degree in pharmaceutical chemistry and technology at the university of Milan where he also received his pharmacy certificate. He did his master thesis project in a collaboration between the De Amici`s group at the University of Milan and the Holzgrabe’s group at the university of Würzburg focusing on the development of hybrid ligands for the M1 muscarinic receptor. His PhD at the University of Bergen in the Bjørsvik`s group was funded by the European Commision under the H2020 – MSCA – ITN – 2015 programme (PET3D). As a part of this project, he had also the chance of an industrial secondment at AstraZeneca. During these three years, he mainly focused on the development of XCT inhbitors for cancer treatment and on method development for the functionalisation of imidazoles. In 2020, he joined Dr. Marc Nazaré’s group at the FMP and he is working mainly on the development of selective inhibitors for understudied kinases of biomedicial interest.

Chemical Biology

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