FMP-MDC Postdoctoral Association

Bringing together scientists working on the Campus Berlin-Buch

The FMP-MDC Postdoctoral Association is a volunteer organisation aiming to promote networking and scientific exchange between local postdoctoral scientists. Currently Agata Witkowska, Gillian Dornan and Jan Vincent Arafiles from the FMP as well as Postdocs from the MDC  lead the activities of the Postdoctoral Association.

We promote

  • networking, scientific exchange, and community building between local postdoctoral scientists
  • Career and professional development opportunities for postdoctoral researchers
  • Advocacy and advice for postdoctoral issues
  • Representation of postdoctoral researchers and their interests in board meetings/general assemblies

We organize

  • Networking Lunch Seminars – Speakers representing different career pathways. In the past, we have had academic group leaders, EU grant officers, and project managers in industry.
  • Chalk Talks – This series aims to familiarize Postdocs with a different format of presenting your research ideas. Chalk Talk format is often used in interviews for Academic Group Leader positions as well as interviews for grants.
  • Annual Postdoc Day Symposium – A full day event that gives Postdoctoral Researchers and final year PhD researchers a chance to disseminate current research with other Post-docs from across Berlin. The event is composed of a keynote speaker, short talks, posters, workshops and CV checks.
  • Social Events – Postdoc/PhD Pubquiz, PDA hosted beer hours

For advice, feedback and suggestions send a message to postdocrep(at) or visit them in the lab.

Contact us!

Dr. Gillian Leigh Dornan

PostDoc, Haucke Group,
PostDoc Representation

Dr. Jan Vincent Arafiles

PostDoc, Hackenberger Group,
PostDoc Representation