Chemical Biology

Research groups in Chemical Biology investigate the function of biological systems with the means of chemical methods. The research of this section uses synthetic, high-throughput screening, computational, and analytical approaches to develop chemical tools and molecular probes to study and modulate the cellular function of important pharmacological targets.

Our work embraces peptides, proteins and low molecular weight drug-like molecules, along with the further development of protein analytics, conjugation and delivery techniques. Biochemical, computational and physical methods aid to investigate interactions of substances with important protein structures. High-throughput screening approaches enable the identification of small molecules and the regulation of gene expression at the cellular, pathway, and molecular levels.
Thereby we contribute to a central goal of the institute which is the elucidation of new principles for pharmacological intervention, which may ultimately lead to novel diagnostic and  disease treatment strategies.

Scientific Coordinator


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Dorothea Fiedler

Chemical Biology of Signal Transduction

Our group seeks to develop a better understanding of the multiple ways in which nature utilizes phosphate in both protein signaling cascades…

Research Unit
Research UnitChemical Biology

Christian Hackenberger

Biomolecule Modification and Delivery

Our group is interested in understanding how nature generates specific biological function in complex cellular environments. Research…

Research Unit
Research UnitChemical Biology

Han Sun

Structural Chemistry and Computational Biophysics

Our group studies the structure of drug-like molecules and characterizes their interactions with proteins. We apply a variety of…

Research Unit
Research UnitChemical Biology

Marc Nazaré

Medicinal Chemistry

Our group is focused on developing new chemical tools to answer fundamental biological questions. These tools cover a broad range of…

Research Group
Research GroupChemical Biology

Johannes Broichhagen


Our lab is looking for new ways to visualize and interrogate biological function, such as cell signalling or protein dynamics.

Junior Group
Junior GroupChemical Biology

Christian Hackenberger

Peptide Chemistry

The core facility aims at providing simple synthetic peptides to FMP research groups.

Core Facility
Core FacilityChemical Biology

Jens Peter von Kries

Screening Unit

The Screening Unit provides an open access high throughput technology platform for screening compound libraries (170.000 drug like…

Core Facility
Core FacilityChemical Biology

Edgar Specker

Compound Management

The aim of the Core Facility Compound Mangement is the production of screening plates for the primary screening at the Screening Unit, the…

Core Facility
Core FacilityChemical Biology