Automated Data Documentation & Analysis

Automated Data Processing

Data Converter (in-house development)
M. Neuenschwander developed a data converter, which allows to standardize all the different output formats from different detection systems (Tecan & PerkinElmer plate readers, LabChip-3000...) and different assay types (kinetic or endpoint) into one standard input format with annotated positive and negative controls. This allows to feed this data into standardized analysis pipelines for data documentation and analysis.

Automated Data Documentation & Analysis
Within the last years we developed standard pipelines for analysis of the different assay types used for HTS at our platform. The automated analysis allows on the fly monitoring of quality of screening data produced. Therefore systematic errors can be easily identified during screening and plates for repeating the detection process can be quickly identified. Analysis of a complete screen with 40.000 compounds needs only a few minutes to create a complex report for 352 selected hit compounds comprising heat maps, data distribution plots, a hit list with representation of structural analogoues in the library and in the list, frequent hitter information according to assay types used and LCMS data after quality control of hits (identity, purity, integrity).

Silencer RNA Screen