Humorous picture of Annika slurping a lab-made soup.

Annika Richter

Annika was born and raised in Berlin Neukölln and finished high school in 2015. Since 8th grade, when she first saw the periodic table, she wanted to study chemistry and as she was visiting extensively the “long nights of sciences” the HU was her University of choice. For her Bachelor´s Thesis she joined the Fiedler lab and worked on mass spectrometric investigations of pyrophosphorylated peptides. She continued her studies at the HU, enjoyed a semester oversees in Australia, mainly watching kangaroos and koalas while studying nitrate radicals at the Uta Wille lab. Afterwards, she finished her studies with her Master´s Thesis at the Bundeswehr Institute of Pharmacology and Toxicology, developing new methods for the detection of sulfur mustard poisoning. As she never forgot her fantastic time at the FMP she now returned for her PhD. In her spare time she likes to cook food from all over the world and host board-game evenings with friends and family.

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