Humorous picture of Neelay posing as the statue of liberty with lab equipment.


Neelay Kailash Mehendale

Neelay usually has quick answers to quite a few unique questions— ‘How many eppendorfs does it take to make a crown?’ ‘Can I grow a regal moustache?’ ‘How does it feel to act in a movie?’ The science-y questions that he gets on the other hand, are never so straight forward and he enjoys that. Right from his Masters in Biotechnology (IBB, Savitribai Phule Pune University, Pune, India) to his PhD in Biology (IISER, Pune, India) to his current role as a postdoc at the FMP Berlin, Neelay has sought to be adventurous with biological sciences. During his PhD, he studied lipid biochemistry underlying (i) PHARC (Polyneuropathy Hearing loss, Ataxia, Retinal pigmentation, Cataract - a neurodegenerative disease), and (ii) phagocytosis - by using mass spectrometry. He was born and raised in Pune, India - known as the Oxford of the East, an iconic cultural city. The deep-rooted culture of Indian classical music there inspires him. He is a trained classical singer and has been studying music for over a decade. That artistic pursuit continues along with his scientific research. Neelay moved to Berlin to join the Fiedler Lab to expand his expertise in mass spectrometry and also to add more flavour to the melting-pot of culture that is Berlin.

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Chemical Biology

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