Anne Diehl

Protein Expression and NMR Sample Preparation

Recombinant Protein Production


NMR still requires relative huge amounts of protein (solution NMR 600µl, 500µM protein) in contrast to Electron Microscopy and X-ray crystallography. That`s why it is relative easy for us to feed as well the other two structural biology methods established at FMP (cooperartion with Dr. Daniel Roderer) and MDC (cooperation with Dr. Yvette Roske) to get most structural information possible today.

Stable isotope labelling (15N, 13C and/or 2H) is still needed for high resolution NMR-supported structural biology. That makes protein production expensive, as the expression has to take place on defined minimal medium (M9) with labelled N- and C-sources.

As the cost for media increase with higher host organism, we apply as cell factories E. coli and Pichia pastories only.



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Dr. Anne Diehl

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