Order Page

For an order, we need some information. To get the order form below as a word file, please write an E-Mail to Ralf Schülein schuelein(at)fmp-berlin.de

1. General
- Date:
- Orderer (Name/Phone/Email)
- Group leader:
We assume that the group leader has approved this order

2. Informations about your CRISPR/Cas project
- Gene of interest:
- NCBI reference sequence
- UniProt accession number:
- Please provide a file describing intron/exon organization (SnapGene or equivalent):
- Type of gene editing, knock-out or knock-in:
- In case of knock-in, please specify:
- Cell type:
(we prefer to use our own cells; in case your cells are needed, we will first make a test for  mycoplasms prior of including your cells into the facility)
- Specific antibody available?

3. Genetic engineering, Biosafety
- LAGeSo approval number:
- Safety level:

How your order will be processed by the Cell Engineering facility
- Primer design and prediction of potential off-target sites
- Your approval of potential off-target sites
- Gene editing
- Selection of cell clones
- Confirmation of gene editing by Western blotting and/or DNA sequencing
- Genotyping

Depending on the amount of simultaneous orders and cell types, clones should be ready within 8-12 weeks.  After discussion with the directors of the FMP, the cost of a confirmed CRISPR/Cas cell clone was set at 1,000 euros per clone. For reasons of capacity, we are not able to analyze potential off-target effects experimentally.