Liquid Handling Systems

Biomek FXp Workstation
The Biomek FXp workstation uses a 384tip head, a 384pin tool for transfer of 20-50 nl volumes and a flexible 8 channel pipettor. Several additional modules allow washing of tips, shaking, temperature control and drying of tips by a fan. The workstation is placed in a cabinet to enable for semi sterile processes.

FreedomEvo (Tecan AG)

We serve with 4 Freedom EVO systems with worktable lenghts of 200 cm. Each platform is equipped with  liquid handling by either 384-pin TeMo or 384/96-tip MCA heads, with flexible 8 needle pipetting devices (LiHa) with liquid level detection plus robotic plate grippers (RoMa). Each platform is either combined with plate readers and microscopes, or used for compound management or automated transfection of cells wit siRNA.