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Our highlights on Campus Berlin-Buch on June 22th 2024

Please note: The tours and talks are listed in the program in German and will be conducted in German. English-speaking visitors will receive a translation on site.

Meeting point: in front of MDC.C Get a ticket at the reception.

Bacterial Protein Factories: Isolating colored proteins from microorganisms
Discover how bacteria are programmed to produce fluorescent proteins and watch the isolation process live! [Link]

On the way to the perfect drug – Chemical reactions and active substances
Learn how medications for cancer, diabetes, and Alzheimer's are developed, and discover the molecules that could be the drugs of tomorrow.

Drug research only with robots?
Join us in exploring an automated substance library with over 80,000 compounds and experience the fascinating world of acoustic dispensing.

Who am I? We'll Find out with Mass Spectrometry
See how proteins and molecules are identified using mass spectrometry by separating them based on their weight.

All about nerves: Why tiny vesicles play a big role
Learn how nerve cells are studied in our cell culture lab to better understand conditions like autism, Alzheimer's, and epilepsy.

Talk (about 45 Min.): The talk takes place in AXON II, MDC:C

Medicines, Drugs, Poisons, Homeopathy – What you should know about it
Ralf Schülein (Pharmacologist) explains the effects and side effects of substances in the body.

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