Humorous picture of Tim misusing syringes as darts.

Tim Aguirre (né Kröber)

Tim grew up in the exciting city of Berlin, where he finished high school in 2013. After he couldn't decide whether to study some language or chemistry, he eventually chose the latter and definitely more promising path. For his Bachelor thesis in the Börner group at Humboldt University, and a research internship in the Perrier group at Warwick University, Tim investigated different types of peptide-polymer-conjugates. To broaden his scientific horizon he joined the Fiedler group for his Master thesis and learned a lot about chemical biology. The intriguing project and the nice working atmosphere prompted him to extend his stay for his PhD studies, where he interrogates the inositol pyrophosphate metabolism by a chemical-genetic approach. When he isn't occupied with chemistry, he enjoys playing the incredibly thrilling and upcoming sport Darts - and yes, it is a sport.

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Chemical Biology

Fiedler Group