Picture of Sarah juggling with falcon tubes.

Sarah Lampe

Sarah grew up in a small town in Lower Saxony called Dinklage. After school, she stayed for a voluntary year in a children's sports club back home. Then she decided to move from the flat north of Germany to the idyllic, hilly university town of Tübingen to study pharmacy. During her studies, her scientific interest deepened and she became particularly interested in the chemical and biological aspects of pharmacology. Therefore, she additionally completed a master's degree in Pharmaceutical Sciences and Technologies. Following, she wrote her master's thesis in the field of natural product chemistry, based on her interest in analytics, among other things. She then joined the Fiedler group and is excited to be part of the group's multidisciplinary research approach around the metabolism of inositol poly- and pyrophosphates. In her spare time, she likes to do sports, especially ball sports. She has done different sports e.g. handball, basketball and water polo in the last years and is looking forward to the great possibilities in Berlin. She also enjoys baking, board games and playing the piano from time to time.

Chemical Biology

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