Humorous picture of Meike injecting a Pretzel with fluorescein.

Meike M. Amma

Meike was born and raised in Aalen, a small town in southern Germany, where she has tasted the best pretzels so far. She combined her passion for food and chemistry and studied food chemistry at TU Munich (B. Sc.). Eager to learn more about organic chemistry and biochemistry, she changed to LMU Munich for a master program in biochemistry. Here she also got introduced to chemical biology for the first time. Meike finished her studies with a M. Sc. in toxicology from TU Kaiserslautern. She then joined the Fiedler lab for her PhD to unite her interests in metabolism, analytics and chemical biology. In her spare time, Meike likes to do sports (e.g. bouldering, hiking, circuit training, yoga or pilates), explores the culinary world and spends time with friends and family.

Chemical Biology

Fiedler Group


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