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Juliana Serrano

PhD Student Hackenberger Group

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Juliana comes from the U.S. and completed her bachelor’s in Biochemistry at the University of Delaware. Before thinking of a further academic career in Germany, she gained experience in industry after graduation as an associate scientist in the field of translational medicine. She completed her master’s degree in Biochemistry at the Freie Universität Berlin and worked on exciting research projects centered mainly on protein-based targeted therapies as part of the Seeburger group, and assay investigation and design for a rare disease-linked enzyme as part of the AK Arenz group at Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin. With scientific interests that lie mainly in the field of chemical biology and protein modification, as well as method development - the Hackenbees have accepted her as one of their own (and her pup Mando). In her free time she is an avid functional fitness enthusiast, enjoys playing games, likes American style craft beers, and grooving to many genres of music!

Chemical Biology

Hackenberger Group


Portraitfoto: © Silke Oßwald