Portrait Jacob Gorenflos


Jacob Gorenflos Lopéz

PhD Student Hackenberger Group

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Jacob did his Abitur at the John-Lennon Highschool in Berlin in 2013. He enrolled in the Bachelor of Chemistry and Biochemistry programme at the LMU in Munich and finished his Bachelor’s with a thesis on E3 ligases of β1 integrins in the Fässler lab at the MPI for Biochemistry. In 2016 he enrolled in the Masters’s programme in Biochemistry at the LMU and chose organic Chemistry as his second major and finished his Master’s with a thesis on the uncaging of prodrugs on the cell surface with artificial metalloenzymes in the Gademann lab at the UZH. He started his PhD in the Hackenberger lab in 2019, and works on dissecting and manipulating sialic acid biosynthesis.

Chemical Biology

Hackenberger Group