Portrait Kristin Kemnitz-Hassanin

Kristin Kemnitz Kemnitz-Hassanin

Technical Assistent Hackenberger Group

 +49 30 94793 380

+49 30 94793 188


Growing up in the beautiful state of Brandenburg, Kristin trained as a medical laboratory assistant in Schwerin after graduating from high school. Afterwards, she worked for several years in a medical-diagnostic laboratory in the middle of Berlin, a metropolis that was very lively for her.
The desire to develop herself, to have new challenges, to acquire knowledge and new techniques led her into research and finally to the FMP.
Finally out of the big city and back to her quiet home. Because if you don't have to go to the city for work, you can also move back to the Brandenburg countryside.
Since the end of 2014, she has been taking care of the biochemical laboratory in Christian Hackenberger's group as a technical assistant: she provides practical advice or assistance to anyone who wants it. She "feeds" the cell culture, our cabinets and shelves and many times a data- and protein-hungry colleague. She pipettes, mutates, expresses, optimizes and explodes... Upsi! ;-) The latter only in exceptional cases... and precisely because not everything always goes according to plan in the research lab. But otherwise it would be boring!

Chemical Biology

Hackenberger Group