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Luke Brennan

Originally from Dublin, Ireland - Luke studied Biotechnology (B.Sc.) at Maynooth University, where he stayed to carry out a PhD in Supramolecular Organic Chemistry under the supervision of Dr Robert Elmes. Luke’s work mainly concerned the synthesis and evaluation of anionophores, and fluorescent/luminescent probes for the treatment and diagnosis of antimicrobial-resistant infections. Luke hopes to further explore anti-infectives and chemical probes during his postdoc at the FMP, through the lens of Phosphorous and peptide chemistry. When he isn’t in the lab, Luke can likely be found out for a run around Berlin, or in his local bouldering/Brazilian jiu-jitsu gym! Aside from sport, Luke enjoys exploring the city through its many amazing restaurants, cafés and flea markets.

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Portraitfoto: © Silke Oßwald