Klaas Yperman

I am an EMBO and HFSP awarded postdoctoral fellow at the FMP in Berlin.
After finishing my Ph.D., I decided to embark on a new journey and switched fields from plant biotechnology to neurobiology.

Currently, I try to deepen our knowledge concerning the function of different LC3 isoforms in neurons through knock-in strategies and combining imaging with functional readouts.

During my Ph.D., I focused on basic research in the field of plant endocytosis. My main project elucidated the TPLATE protein complex which plays a major role in regulating endocytosis; the uptake of proteins from the plasma membrane. In vitro and in vivo approaches were combined to understand the form and function of this enigmatic complex.

  • FMP Green Initiative

Molecular Physiology & Cell Biology

Haucke Group



Portraitfoto: © Silke Oßwald