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Jaime Isern

Originally from Rosario, Argentina, Jaime obtained his Licentiate degree in Chemistry from the National University of Rosario. Upon completion, he moved to the UK to pursue a PhD in Chemical Biology at Durham University under the supervision of Prof Patrick G. Steel. His research focused on organic syntheses and chemoproteomics, developing activity-based probes to target potentially druggable serine hydrolases in Leishmaniases, a group of parasitic Neglected Tropical Diseases. After obtaining his PhD, Jaime continued as a PDRA, working on different chemical biology target- and phenotypic-based drug discovery projects focused in Leishmaniasis and Chagas Disease. Jaime relocated to Berlin in 2023 and joined the Fiedler group, where he is developing activity-based probes to elucidate the targets of inositol polyphosphates, and working on a biosensor for specific inositol polyphosphates. Outside of science, he enjoys outdoor activities such as running and hiking, as well as playing the violin and taking photographs.

Chemical Biology

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