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Robust Cell-Free Expression of Sub-Pathological and Pathological Huntingtin Exon-1 for NMR Studies. General Approaches for the Isotopic Labeling of Low-Complexity Proteins

  • Anna Morató; Carlos A. Elena-Real; Matija Popovic; Aurélie Fournet; Karen Zhang; Frédéric Allemand; Nathalie Sibille; Annika Urbanek; Pau Bernadó

Biomolecules 2020

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Mitochondrial cytochrome c liberates the nucleophosmin-sequestered ARF tumor suppressor in the nucleolus

  • Katiuska González-Arzola; Antonio Díaz-Quintana; Noelia Bernardo-García; Miguel Á. Casado-Combreras; Carlos A. Elena-Real; Alejandro Velázquez-Cruz; Sergio Gil-Caballero; Adrián Velázquez-Campoy; Elzbieta Szulc; Isabel Ayala; Rocío Arranz; Xavier Salvatella; José M. Valpuesta; Juan A. Hermoso; Miguel A. De la Rosa; Irene Díaz-Moreno
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Flanking Regions Determine the Structure of the Poly-Glutamine in Huntingtin through Mechanisms Common among Glutamine-Rich Human Proteins.

  • Urbanek A; Popovic M; Morató A; Estaña A; Elena-Real CA; Mier P; Fournet A; Allemand F; Delbecq S; Andrade-Navarro MA; Cortés J; Sibille N; Bernadó P

Structure (London, England : 1993) 2020

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Evidence of the Reduced Abundance of Proline cis Conformation in Protein Poly Proline Tracts.

  • Urbanek A; Popovic M; Elena-Real CA; Morató A; Estaña A; Fournet A; Allemand F; Gil AM; Cativiela C; Cortés J; Jiménez AI; Sibille N; Bernadó P

Journal of the American Chemical Society 2020

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The importance of definitions in the study of polyQ regions: A tale of thresholds, impurities and sequence context.

  • Mier P; Elena-Real C; Urbanek A; Bernadó P; Andrade-Navarro MA

Computational and structural biotechnology journal 2020

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