Picture of Björn.

Björn Hanf

Björn was born and raised in Kassel before he started his bachelor’s studies in chemistry at the Technical University of Berlin in 2016. Subsequently, he was drawn to the Philipps-University of Marburg for his master’s studies to learn more about medicinal chemistry, for example, in the group of Prof. Mathias Senge at Trinity College Dublin during an Erasmus program. His master’s thesis with Prof. Olalla Vázquez focusing on the synthesis and analysis of fluorescent bacteria markers was followed by a six-month voluntary industry internship with Nuvisan Pharma Services in Berlin where he gained insights into drug metabolism and pharmacokinetics. In July 2022, Björn joined the Fiedler group as a PhD candidate to investigate synthetic strategies for peptide- and protein-polyphosphorylation. Besides the lab work, he enjoys playing the piano, listening to podcasts, and visiting the gym.

Chemical Biology

Fiedler Group


Portraitfoto: © Silke Oßwald