Humorous picture of Atharva bewitching some tubes.

Atharva Patharkar

Atharva was born and raised in one of the most liveliest cities in India: Pune. Being a nature and sci-fi movies enthusiast, he was drawn to the beautiful and fascinating field of biology. That is why he decided to study microbiology for his Bachelor’s degree which, according to him, was one of the few fantastic decisions in his adulthood. Being an adventurous person, Atharva chose to do his master’s in the foreign and beautiful city of Bremen. He did his master’s thesis at Prof Janine Kirstein’s lab where he worked on the role of chaperones in neurodegenerative disorders using an awesome animal: C. elegans. Since he also loved studying chemistry in his bachelor’s courses, next Atharva wanted to do research on the interface of biology and chemistry. Serendipitously, he came across the Fiedler group and having loved the cool research and the amazing people, he joined our lab for his PhD. In his free time, Atharva likes to wander in nature, wall-climbing, playing badminton, reading about the astronomy, and fantasising about human colonisation of the red planet.

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