Equal Opportunities

Equal opportunities and work-life balance are an integral part of the FMP's strategic planning and implementation structure. They are considered in all relevant processes of the institute's organisation and their implementation is anchored as a management task*. The directors of the FMP are supported by the Equal Opportunities Officer in this regard.

Central Goals

  • Enforcing of gender equality and equal opportunities at all levels
  • Increasing the proportion of women among specialists and managers
  • Targeted career advancement of women already working at the institute
  • Supporting employees with reconciliation concerns (such as caring for children or relatives in need of care) through appropriate offers
  • Counteracting any form of discrimination

Public Equal Opportunities Plan

The FMP's Public Equal Opportunities Plan (last update 2022) lists the Institute's goals and measures to promote equality.

Public Equal Opportunities Plan

Work-life balance

The FMP has been certified as a family-friendly employer by the berufundfamilie audit since 2013.

Employees can find information on our offers and general information on equal opportunities and reconciliation on the intranet.


Dr. Silke Radetzki

Senior Scientist, Screening-Unit,
Equal Opportunity Officer