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Dinc Yasat Hacibaloglu

PhD Student Lipstein Group

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Yaşat grew up in Istanbul, Turkey, where he studied bioengineering at Marmara University. He completed his Master's degree in Heidelberg University in Neuroscience with The Germany Scholarship. Yaşat previously worked in Parkinson's Disease, carrying out his thesis as a visiting research fellow funded by DAAD and Boston Foundation for Neurological Diseases at Harvard Medical School on a collaborating project between Dr. Ulf Dettmer, Dr. Dennis Selkoe and Dr. Dave Sulzer on the biological characteristics of alpha-synuclein.

In his PhD work, Yaşat is working towards understanding the connection between neurodegeneration, synaptic diversity, and synaptic function, with a special focus in Munc13 patient mutations and their effects at the synapse, with the hopes of optimizing the process for creation of therapeutical approaches for debilitating diseases caused by these mutations by understanding the function of the Munc13 family.

Molecular Physiology & Cell Biology

Lipstein Group