Our institute currently employs staff of about 35 different nationalities. In terms of age, gender, sexual orientation, religion and philosophies of life, social and ethnic origin as well as physical and mental constitution, the staff is diverse. Our science thrives on this diversity.

Therefore, we promote a culture of diversity and consider inclusion when designing our working conditions and our working environment. In this way, we want to achieve a diverse community and an innovative working culture in order to promote creativity and make the best possible use of the potential of competences.

We have identified the following as key goals in this regard:

    Discovering and promoting potential
    making diversity visible
    strengthening the common spirit
    improving the welcome culture
    taking measures to create equal opportunities and reduce barriers

We are guided by the FVB's Diversity and Inclusion Strategy, which was adopted by the FVB Board on 17.02.2022.


Dajana Baudach, Secretary Sun Lab & Lab’s of Nazaré, Kries, Specker

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Dajana Baudach

Secretary, Sun Group,
Secretary Nazaré Group